Meet Our February Employee Of The Month: Rhett Smith


For the second time in just over a year, Rhett Smith has been named Employee of the Month, marking another milestone in his remarkable journey with us. First clinching the title in September 2022, Rhett’s relentless dedication and passion have once again set him apart, making him the deserving recipient of this prestigious award for the month.

In our interview, Rhett shares insights into what has kept him busy since his last accolade, his learnings, and contributions that have not only propelled his growth but also significantly benefitted our operations and product offerings.

A Journey of Continuous Learning and Improvement

Since his last recognition, Rhett has completed fabrication training using the flush casement ‘Resurgence’ profile, which we added to our production last summer. Not stopping there, Rhett has also been training using our new beading technology that facilitates a 95% angle, essential for 36mm triple glazing. 

“The Resurgence profile takes a bit more time, but the results? They are absolutely worth it.” Rhett explains. His eagerness to learn and adapt has been evident as he’s also been actively involved across the shop floor, always ready to lend a hand or offer advice. 

Plus, he’s now one of our certified fire wardens after some intensive training, ensuring our workplace is not just productive but safe.

Trends and Innovations

We’ve made some major upgrades to our machinery over the recent months, further expanding our capabilities for fabricating bespoke products for East Midlands trade, commercial and domestic customers. Rhett’s keen eye has noticed more customers opting for unique colours like Agate Grey and Silver Gray, or even newer shades such as Claystone. He’s quick to note that classic Solid White remains a top pick, though. It’s this blend of tradition and innovation that keeps our products in high demand.

Rhett’s Take on Joining the Glazing Industry

For anyone pondering a career with us, Rhett’s advice is heartfelt: “Dive in. This team will have your back from day one.” He’s proud of the work we do here, especially knowing the windows and doors we make are top-notch, thanks to Liniar’s market-leading products. “There’s a real sense of achievement in knowing you’re fabricating a top quality product for our customers that is made to last,” Rhett adds.

Running for a Cause

Outside the factory, Rhett’s passion for running is taking a charitable turn. He’s training for the ‘Pretty Muddy’ Race for Life, inspired by his mum who completed the race last year. He’s taking on this muddy challenge to raise funds for Cancer Research because, in Rhett’s words, “cancer touches everyone’s life, and every bit helps in the fight.”

A True Team Player

From mastering new skills to helping wherever he can, and even contributing to important causes outside work. Rhett’s second win as Employee of the Month isn’t just about the work he does; it’s about the positive energy, the eagerness to learn, and the readiness to help that he brings every day.

Congratulations, Rhett, and thank you. You’re a true testament to the spirit here at Tradeglaze, and we’re all the better for having you with us. Here’s to many more success stories in the months ahead!

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