GGP Installer Awards Employee Highlight: ‘Rising Star’ Sam Corner


With only four weeks to go to the 2024 GGP Installer Awards, today we are proud to introduce Sam Corner to you, our sales coordinator shortlisted in the Rising Star of the Year category!

This category recognises exceptional individuals who are at the start of their career in the industry but who have already demonstrated an extraordinary talent or work ethic and have made a significant contribution to their company’s business.

Sam joined Tradeglaze in January 2021, amidst the challenging landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic. His initial role involved overseeing sales for our retail subsidiary, Jackson Windows, where he swiftly implemented transformative plans to improve the purchasing experience for our retails customers who look to us to transform their homes with modern double glazing.

Over the past year, Sam’s vision and responsibilities have broadened vastly, as he embraced larger roles within Tradeglaze, significantly bolstering our trade sales teams.

Sam’s enthusiasm for customer service is unparalleled. He is often the first voice from our company customers get to hear. His professional, helpful manner and exceptional organisation skills are well known and commented on amongst our employees and our customers. No ask is too big for Sam, he will always go the extra mile to help our customers, wherever in their home improvement journey they might be.

Since Sam joined our company, our customer reviews have thrived and Tradeglaze and Jackson Windows now enjoy exceptional ratings of 4.8 and 4.7 out of 5 on Google respectively with over 200 reviews.

Sam’s excellence has not gone unnoticed. He is the first Tradeglaze employee to earn the prestigious ‘Employee of the Month’ award twice, a testament to his hard work and dedication to help others and help grow the business. He is a professinal of the highest acumen; the integrity with which he conducts everything he does is remarkable and much respected by his colleagues and our customers alike. At his young age of 30, Sam may only be at the start of his career but has shown maturity well beyond his years.

Sam attended the 2023 GGP Installer Awards and witnessed first-hand the high standards to which the glass and glazing industry operates today. He came away full of enthusiasm and ideas from speaking with other contacts in our industry, many of which he has helped to implement since then. We are all very excited for the years ahead to see Sam grow professionally and our group of companies grow with him!

Tradeglaze team attending 2023 GGP Installer Awards and winning best commercial installer for 2023.

Tradeglaze we honoured to earn the Commercial Installation of the Year and Outstanding Achievement of the Year awards at the 2023 awards ceremony

We have caught up with Sam to ask about his role and advice he has for others considering working in our industry. Here is what he told us!

What advice would you give to anyone considering joining the glass and glazing industry? What are the opportunities like in our industry?

There’s so many fine margins in the industry so thoroughness is so important within every role of the business. You have to be prepared to take time to learn as much information as possible and take pride in your work to ensure our customers’ experience with our company is second to none. I came into the industry with no prior experience but an open mind to where this opportunity may take me, which has allowed me to become involved in both the retail and trade side of the business.

As our sales coordinator, you are a crucial link between all functions across all our trade and retail departments. What’s your advice for healthy teamwork?

You have to be willing to work with each other rather than on your own. From the day I joined, I wanted to work in an environment where everybody is working towards the same goal rather than individual goals. This can often be challenging to achieve in a sales environment, but I’m fortunate to work alongside some fantastic people who share the same ambitions as me.

What lesson have you learnt about business over the last 12 months?

How important it is to listen to other people. It’d be great to have the answers to everything but accepting other people’s ideas and visions can be just as rewarding as implementing your own.

Is there anyone you would like to express your gratitude towards for your success? If so, who, and why?

I genuinely don’t think I could narrow it down to one person as so many people have helped me in different ways since joining the company. I’ve always been supported and trusted by the management team to do what I think is best, and the people I work alongside have always shown nothing but respect towards me which I do not take for granted.

You are a keen runner – why have you chosen the sport? Are you currently training for any races?

I took place in the Lincoln Half Marathon in 2018 having never ran before in my life and only signing up several days before to support a friend, and when I completed it I felt a huge sense of achievement. I enjoy the focus, routine and determination needed in running and I like to challenge myself more than anything.

Thank you, and well done on earning a finalist place in the 2024 Installer Awards, Sam! What an incredible accomplishment. We are very much looking forward to attending the awards ceremony on the 14th of March 2024 in Manchester. Everyone will be rooting for you! 🏆

If you need advice with your home improvement project, Sam would love to help. Give him a call on 01522 541294!

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